On the trail again

From Eileen: I dropped Rick and Ted off this beautiful morning at the Stratton Pond Trail. On the recommendation of a thru-hiker they met the other day, they are taking this trail around Stratton Mountain rather than the AT which goes over the mountain, and will hook up with the AT again on the other side. It’s a longer but less steep route. I think Rick is a bit nervous after the challenge of last Monday, but hopeful

to see if the changes they made to their pack setup will make a difference. They remembered their insect repellent too, so perhaps they won’t be devoured by deer flies the way they were the first few days. The midges were out in force this morning; I’m driving back to Boston now with a car full of them. I know, poor me, right?

4 thoughts on “On the trail again

  1. Carol Ann dixon

    Eileen, a midgie, much less when they’re all over your car inside…..that’s a problem.

    Glad the hikers got to clean up. Not a true grit person like Rick but clean helps my attitude. Prayers and best wishes for each step

    Carol Ann


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