Day 4

Today was a “zero mile” day, in hiking terms.  Eileen drove up yesterday and picked us up in the late afternoon after a very challenging day of hiking, partially in a Vermont thunderstorm.  We were a mess.  I needed a day off the trail to rest and to change out my big pack for a small one, and Ted and I both welcomed the chance for a shower and a visit to the laundromat to wash our wet and muddy clothes and sleeping bags.  We had a great high-calorie dinner last night in Bennington, spent the night at The Catamount Motel (where we reconnected with some hikers we met on the trail), enjoyed a hearty breakfast, and revisited our gear today.  Going forward Ted will carry the majority of our gear and I will have a smaller daypack with lighter-weight items.  We are hoping this change will prevent falls and enable us to move a bit faster.  We highly recommend The Mountain Goat shop in Manchester Center — Lisa and her colleagues helped us with a new larger backpack that Ted will use (and will be available to other hiking partners over the next few weeks).  Looking forward to getting back on the trail bright and early tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Brenda Marks

    Glad you two got a rest and dried out! When I saw the weather report yesterday morning on CBS This Morning I was a bit worried about that lightning forecast. Good luck tomorrow! Love you,

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  2. Cannot imagine how good it must have felt to change from wet muddy clothes into dry clean ones! Beautiful scenery and thanks so much for the photos and updates! You know we are hoping for better weather and a good day hiking tomorrow! Love and best to you from Texas!


  3. Laurie

    Thank you for taking this journey, and raising both the needed money and awareness. Amazing thing you’re doing. Wishing you the best of luck and that the weather is ever in your favor!


  4. Deborah Ceurvels Lozzi

    I am in awe of your strength of will and spirit to keep pushing on while dealing with ALS.

    Thinking of you both …sending good vibes your way for a safe journey.

    Enjoy the beautiful scenery and wonderful people you’ll meet along the way.

    Be safe.


  5. Jennifer Shire

    Ahhhhh….good food, good company, and a real bed for one night. Safe travels with a lighter load and Ted by your side.


  6. I was wondering about the weather there yesterday! I’m sure that food tasted superb and the bed felt amazing! A guy I grew up with lives in Rutland and has done lots of AT hiking. He said to give you his number if you need anything! His name is Ed Safford and his # is 802-747-7244. Cheering you on from Winchester!


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