Day 3

From Ted:

Still water runs deep.  I’ve known Rick for decades now, at first socially then on various financial committees at our church.  The thing that I remember about those early times was that Rick was always the guy that said very little but when he spoke everyone listened.  He has the sort of natural gravitas that generates enormous respect from people.  ALS has taken those few words from Rick, but it cannot take his gravitas.  What he does he does for a reason and when he commits to something he does his absolute best to make it work and work well.

This morning we woke at the Congdon shelter with some wonderful young thru hikers who had started months ago from Georgia, Virginia and the Delaware Gap and had walked to VT.  They were full of fun and energy and kindness for Rick.  They had arrived early in the afternoon and having heard about Rick from their friends had saved a spot in the small shelter just so that Rick could have a comfortable spot to rest.

One of the traditions of thru hikers is to give each other”Trail Names” they reported that they were in order of appearance in the photo below: Superman, Splash, Five Dollar and Butterfoot all with stories to go with.  They then asked us what our trail names were I told them that my names was “Wombat” standing for Whiny Old Man Bitching About the Trail. They then asked for Rick’s name.  I told them that we hadn’t decided yet and Superman just said “Steady” and everyone there said that’s it!  These kids had just met Rick last night and I think they nailed it.



7 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Christi Johnson

    Thank you for the update and I agree that “Steady” nails Rick in so many ways. I can’t tell you how much I and the rest of Rick’s family appreciate your commitment to hike with him. We continue to pray for good weather and conditions, and experiences with other great hikers such as the group last night.


  2. Brenda Marks

    Ted, your long friendship, patience and graciousness to Rick is such a blessing to him and to all in our family. I love following along with you and Rick. Just so happens that Rick and I have a childhood friend who is walking the Camino in Spain right now. Your experience with fellow travelers mirrors those of Renee. Godspeed to both of you. And Happy Trails!


    1. Laurie Bayer

      Hey Steady (I LOVE that name!)…
      We just got back from a short trip, so didn’t get to check in until today. So glad all is well. Keep on going!! Hope you have a sound track of great music in your head as you hike!
      Love, Laurie and Danny


  3. Suzanne Owayda

    Ted you are a blessing, and Rick you are a “steady” blessing. Thinking and praying for both of you! Suzanne Owayda and family.


  4. Michael Behnke

    Our thoughts, prayers and admiration are following you! And we are hoarding our
    fond memories of all those years being your next door neighbors in Winchester!
    Michael and Lee Behnke


  5. mshoff1

    Rick – You have been in my thoughts and prayers. We’re missing you on Monday nights, but you look like you’re having fun out there. Keep Steady!


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