Day 2 – Sunday, June 18

Ted and I made progress on the AT today.  Photos below are show the view where trees were cut down for some power lines, a beaver pond, and the lake coming into our camp last night.  We hiked 9 miles, but Ted carried my pack a couple of times on the way because I couldn’t do it.  I needed a rest. We are going to rethink my pack because it is too big.  Nevertheless, we made it to Congdon Shelter late in the evening.  As I said before, Ted is my hero. (note: posted a day late because we had no cell service last night)


4 thoughts on “Day 2 – Sunday, June 18

  1. Leo and Joy Cass

    You guys are incredible! We’re praying for strength and joy and safety as you hike along. You are both heroes!
    Love from Leo and Joy


  2. "Squeeze Cheese" Mr. Rogers

    Please know that many in Troop 507 are following your progress. We hope there are some that can join your hiking adventures soon. I like your trail name ” Steady”


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