Day 38

Today’s blog is from Everett Dalton, age 12.  I have known Everett since he was born (he is my godson). He recently completed this hike of four mountains in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Which, by the way, is one more mountain than his dad and I did last weekend — we only managed three peaks. Thank you Everett for hiking for me!

From Everett: This summer I and a group of 12 others went on a two-night hike as part of our camp program. We summited Shaw, Flag, Roberts, and Faraway Mountains. Even though the weather wasn’t the nicest my group’s spirit kept us alive and well. We found that the best way to pass time was by singing camp songs (and eating the occasional blueberry bush, of course!). My group became interested in the ALS ONE bracelets I handed out to them and wanted to tell their friends and families about ALS. Rick, best of luck with your last couple of days!

— from Everett and Carter Dome village of Camp Merrowvista

3 thoughts on “Day 38

  1. Shelley Perkins Seeley

    What a fine group of kids! So awesome that they got the chance to summit 4 peaks, do it with their buds, and do it all for an amazing cause and guy. The support you have been getting from your friends says a lot about the man you are, Steady! You blow me away and inspire me more and more with each post. Keep ’em coming and keep on keepin’ on!


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