New Friends on the Trail

A great crew at the Stratton Pond Shelter this morning, wishing Steady and Wombat a good hike as they head out for the day.


3 thoughts on “New Friends on the Trail

  1. Paul Howes

    The trail name Steady is perfect for Rick. Be it Scouting, church duties, trekking the AT or any other hill and mountain he has climbed in the last two decades — including Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle in July heat one year with his boys (he gave them his water). Or proudly displaying his FitBit daily step count all over New York City in April and Boston in June–to grilling steaks on his deck for 15 and having them all come out right. Or building a classic play list of his favorite music and then giving us all a huge grin and thumbs up as we enjoyed it and sang along in his kitchen at just-below-live-performance volume. Or raising two young men who make him exceptionally proud and pleased, and being expert in listening, then planning and then executing in the complex, nuanced, sophisticated, and sensitive world of telling rich people how to spend their money — doing it successfully, masterfully, and having them say thank you and count him as a friend. And then there’s this: looking ALS in the eye and saying, “Let’s go for a hike.”–yes, “Steady” is perfect. Walk on Rick!


  2. Rick, you are amazing! I’ve been praying for you every day! Wishing you strength and peace on this journey! We cannot thank you enough for all you are doing to support our Mission. It breaks my heart that you are battling that disease. Your courage inspires me daily!


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