Day 50

We continue our weekend in Baxter State Park with no cell service…meanwhile, today’s blog is from our friends Laura Krotky and Rusty Sullivan and their sons Ramsey and Owen.  Laura and Rusty have been very supportive to our family since I was diagnosed last fall. They hiked the Lonesome Lake section of the AT for me last weekend.  Thank you for enabling me to check off this part of the trail!

From Laura:  Russ, Ramsey, Owen and I headed to Franconia Notch in New Hampshire to hike a bit of the AT that Rick won’t get to. We chose the Lonesome Lake trail, mostly because it was ranked “moderate” rather than “difficult” in our hiking guide. If you ask me, it was more challenging than the guide suggests. If you ask Ramsey and Owen, they would say I am not hike-worthy!! Regardless, it was absolutely beautiful the entire hike (which is why I stopped so often—to admire nature—not to catch my breath!) Thank you Rick for giving us a reason to break out our walking sticks. Now that I have walked a few miles on the AT, I am more in awe of you and all you’ve done to find a cure!!

Ramsey, Rusty, Owen and Laura at Lonesome Lake
Laura, “an inexperienced hiker,” says she is sorry she took a photo of the wrong sign!


2 thoughts on “Day 50

  1. Jane Apman

    Rick, you are probably the bravest, most courageous man I have ever heard of. Thank you for all you are doing to bring encouragement to others, like me, who have ALS and to raise funds for finding a cure. I hope you and Eileen have a wonderful 30th anniversary today and many more to come. God bless you all.


  2. Mom

    Thanks to all the amazing friends who have accompanied and helped my wonderful and brave son for the past 50 days, and to all who have hiked in his stead. God bless you every one.


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