Day 28

From Eileen:  I am sad to say that I am seriously lacking in information for you all this evening.  I am assuming this is because our intrepid hikers have no cell service, not because they are having too much fun around the campfire to remember those of us who are pining for stories and photos…I can tell you that they left Crawford Notch, NH around 9:45 this morning and made it to the AMC Mizpah Spring Hut at about 2:30 this afternoon. Mizpah is located at 3819 ft, between Mt. Jackson and Mt. Pierce on the AT. When they arrived Rick was thrilled to receive a care package left for him three weeks ago by the Girl Scouts of Holden, MA as they hiked through the area!  Thank you very much to these thoughtful girls for such a kind gift.

Matt, Carlos, Sean, Whit, Rick, Bill, Jay, and Thomas
Thank you to the Girl Scouts of Holden from inside the Mizpah Hut!

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