Day 22

From Steve and Walter, Saturday, July 8:  We left Hanover, NH, around 8:00 am this morning. We were well nourished — a full breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, toast and coffee at the Hanover Inn. We left civilization and re-entered the forest. Our original plan was for all three of us to hike, but Rick’s foot brace broke yesterday. He started out with us without it, but quickly made the call to send Steve and Walter along to complete the hike while he did some ALS awareness marketing in Hanover (it’s possible that Rick saw the weather radar and knew what was coming).

The first 4 miles were pleasant — rocks, roots, some steeps and even a rope ladder. It was standard NH hiking. We had a couple of open vistas that looked out across some cattails.

The last 2 miles were a downpour. Now we understand why all the thru-hikers wear gaiters over the tops of their boots. If you haven’t walked in soaking wet socks and hiking boots — you should.

Steve’s wife, Ingrid, drove up to pick us up, stopping first in Hanover to collect Rick and next on Etna Road to pick up the soggy pair of hikers.

Thanks again to Rick for letting us join his adventure and cause. We had a great time.

-Steve and Walter