Day 16

From Josh (Reynolds): We’re back on the trail for the July 4th weekend and for this leg of the trip our first women hikers are joining Rick.  Eileen Marks and Kate(niss) Reynolds are leading us on the trail as I carry the pack.

We’re hiking the Appalachian Trail from Pomfret Rd to Queechee staying overnight in the Thistle Hill shelter. We got off to a fabulous start when we found a sign at the trailhead declaring “Rick Rocks” — a surprise placed there by the Rick Marks fan club, Tom, Liz and Charlotte Fries, who came to see us off. The Kellogg’s are providing continuous trail support by delivering Uber service to the trailhead and supplying us with Quaker ‘Chewy Dip’ chocolate granola bars to keep us energized.

We had an upscale trail dinner of hot dogs and baked beans prepared by yours truly, and spent the evening hanging out with some new friends and learning how to hang a bear bag.

It’s been a muddy trail after heavy rains last night but the sun has been beautiful and there’s a nice breeze and many babbling brooks so it’s been a splendid hike. We bestowed the trail name Kateniss on my lovely wife after she kept hearing Mockinjays calling in the woods. It’s been a joy to have the ladies lead the way.

No bear sightings – yet.



7 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. Susan Fagerstrom

    Hi Rick and Eileen and friends! I’m enjoying following your tremendous hike on your blog. I hiked only three days on the AT pre-Freshman week of college and found it challenging (but rewarding) on my 18 year old legs. I can only imagine how it is for all of you (and particularly Rick) now. Love the pictures and love the trail names. Keep it up!


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