Quick Update

From Eileen:  According to the GPS map, Rick and Ted made it to the Seth Warner shelter in VT around 9:00 this evening, completing about 8 miles today.  I heard from them earlier in the day that everything was going well.  They are hiking about 1 mile per hour, so it’s slow and steady.  One small casualty:

Duct tape fixes everything!  Thanks for following the blog, and for all your good wishes.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Good Luck! We lost a co-worker/friend about two years ago from ALS. She was extremely determined and worked harder than anyone I know trying to make it better for others in the future with ALS. I greatly applaud your endeavor and support your goal 100%. Thank you for continuing the fight and making people more aware of ALS.

    From North Idaho – Thank you and I hope the weather gets better for your trek!


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