Day 20

(This blog from yesterday came through this morning.)

A trio of men of a certain age set out on the trail again, today, in Vermont near Quechee Road. We are staying at the Happy Hill Shelter. Happy is a good word to describe our day of hiking. The weather was good – not too hot – not too cold – it sprinkled just a few drops. No real problems — Steve gave Rick a piggyback ride over one tricky creek crossing. There are several thru-hikers at the site — from as far as Phoenix, Quebec and Florida — and one dog. One of the hikers is southbound.

As we sit around the campfire, we leave you all with 2 questions: 1). When you were a kid, did you ever write a blog while sitting around a campfire? 2). Do you have any trail name suggestions for Steve Delaney and Walter Scully?

Tomorrow, we walk 8ish miles, crossing the Connecticut River into New Hampshire and across the Dartmouth campus.


7 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. Shelley Perkins Seeley

    Rock Steady! Keeping up with you every day and so inspired by not only you, but your awesome friends who are joining you on your trek. Fair skies and dry trails! 🙂


  2. Christi Johnson

    Wish I could be there to hike with you Brother, though there is no doubt you and your amazing hiking partners would leave me in the dust. Prayers for more happy hiking days. Love you!!


  3. Charles McGarry

    I’m rooting for you! I lost my grandfather to ALS, and I’m an Appalchian Trail lover, too! I still have my mile-by-mile guidebook, and I’m following along.


  4. Barbara

    I’ve never met you, Rick, and my biggest challenge in the past was climbing the endless steps from the 52d Street subway platform to the street (I’m a New Yorker). But I know you from my nephew’s descriptions, and I stand in awe of both of you – especially you. Rest assured that I will be thinking of you going forward.


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