Day 12

Hi all, I have had a few days off to rest and rejuvenate. I want to thank Didier and Matthieu for keeping the hike going, and blogging daily. I will likely take a couple days off regularly because the Appalachian Trail can be grueling (even without ALS). I also want to thank all the folks who have donated to ALS ONE through my website, because it is making a difference. I am hoping to go national to continue to raise awareness of ALS and funds for research. I am grateful to People Magazine for their interest and for helping to spread my message through their online site at

The trail yesterday was a bit of a challenge because the first third of it was super steep. It was not a long trail to the Stony Brook Shelter, 4.5 miles up and down. The last 1.5 miles were downhill, a different challenge. We made it to the shelter at 6:00, luckily in time to get a place inside (although it was tight) and before the rain began.  I want to thank Ted and Didier for carrying more than their share and making my pack lighter, which helped a lot.

Today, we have a 10 miler to the next shelter. I am ready.

Best, Rick

8 thoughts on “Day 12

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    The Farrell Family is keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as you take on this epic challenge!
    Kevin, Diane, Ryan and Hayley


  2. Hey Rick, I don’t know you but we have many mutual friends from Winchester and I know Eileen from when our sons played on the WSTC tennis team years ago. Your journey is an inspiring one, especially in light of your health battles which I was so vey sorry to hear about. I wanted you to know there are many people taking strength from what you are doing and certainly as many pulling for you on all fronts. I research fathers in my work at Boston College and you are setting an amazing example for all of us. Continued success in your journey.


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